Welcome in the high-tech world!

Silicon Valley is an American TV sitcom created by Mike Judge, John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky.

The series describes the adventures of four programmers living together and trying to gain acceptance in the Silicon Valley, in California. They work in an incubator, Hacker Hostel, managed by Erlich Bachman. One of them, Richard Hendricks, is going to create a revolutionary data compression algorithm quickly desired by two billionaires: Peter Gregory and Gavin Belson. Richard has to choose, sell his discovery to the CEO of Hooli, Gavin Belson or let Peter Gregory invest in his future company: Pied Piper. Richard is going to accept this second offer and to establish his own company. But this decision is going to put him in delicate management situation to finalize its project.
“In the Silicon Valley of today, the people the most qualified to succeed are not necessarily the ones the most qualified to know how to manage it…”

This series is a great representation of the new economic era with unlimited opportunities with the Internet. Characters are attaching because of their lack of confidence and their humor. This series has a funny tone but not always accessible to all! Indeed, the main characters stay programmers with sometimes complex discussions for us, ordinary mortals… But good point for directors’ effort for introducing feminine key-characters in a men’s world!
The second season is broadcast on HBO now!

Just a hilarious moment: Pied Piper pitch!
A great parody of pitch contest for high-tech startups ! >>>